BoE Members - Emily, JoAnn, Matt, Skip, Cindy, & Angela

Tonight, January 9, 2023, the North Platte Board of Education swore in new members Cindy O'Connor and Emily Garrick, as well as re-elected board member JoAnn Lundgreen. The board elected new officers during the meeting and assigned the following subcommittee roles. (Group photo above, left to right: Emily Garrick, JoAnn Lundgreen, Matt Peterson, Skip Altig, Cindy O'Connor, & Angela Blaesi)

President - Angela Blaesi

Vice President - Matt Peterson

Secretary - JoAnn Lundgreen

Finance, Facilities, Operations & Legislation Board Subcommittee - Matt Peterson, Skip Altig, & Cindy O'Connor

Personnel, Americanism, Curriculum, Student Services & Communications Board Subcommittee - JoAnn Lundgreen, Emily Garrick, & Angela Blaesi

Congratulations, board members, and thank you for your service.

Swearing-In of members.