No AfterSchool Activities Dec. 8,  2022

December 8, 2022

Due to declining weather, North Platte Public Schools Cancels ALL Afterschool Activities for Today, December 8, 2022.

This cancelation includes Kids Klub, Concerts, Sporting Events and Practices, Meetings, and any other activity or event scheduled for this afternoon/ evening. ALL NPPS facilities will close at the end of the regularly scheduled school day, and staff will be dismissed once students are safely out of the building.

NPPS is continuously de-icing driveways and sidewalks. We ask that you take care while outdoors when walking or driving.

We will continue to monitor the weather conditions throughout the afternoon and evening. Stay up to date with announcements via email, social media, and local media outlets.

For your safety, please follow these tips:


Additional Winter Walking Tips: Shuffle, shuffle through the ice, slush, and snow. Walk like a penguin by taking it slow. Step with flat feet and keep your stance wide; take short steps and arrive safely inside.

§  Wipe your feet well when coming inside; don’t bring the wet conditions into the building with you.

§  Don’t carry more than you can handle. Use a bag to keep your hands free.

§ Step-down, not out from curbs, to land with flat feet and a shorter stance.

§  Many falls occur when getting in and out of vehicles. Step carefully while holding on to the door for support.

§  Keep a container of sand/ice melt in your vehicle and sprinkle a bit near your car door before exiting.

§  No shortcuts – walk on designated, cleared paths only.

§  Use extra caution near snow piles, downspouts, or any place where melting and refreezing could occur.

§  Report icy areas for everyone’s safety.