​Homework Club benefited by Local Philanthropist

Homework Club benefited by Local Philanthropist

A generous donor provided an additional $20,000 gift to the North Platte Public Schools Foundation (NPPSF) to support tutoring. Terri Burchell, Executive Director said “the donor has been supporting tutoring for a few years.”  In 2020 tutoring grew into the Homework Club.  The objective is having a K-5 tutoring program for students who have been recognized as having a need for extra assistance but whose parents are unable to afford a tutoring program or a professional tutor. The program is coordinated by the NPPSF in conjunction with the North Platte Public Schools District and the Kids Klub Program. It is our goal to provide assistance for these students by offering a no cost tutoring program. 

 We started piloting the program in November at Lincoln Elementary it has grown to Jefferson, McDonald, Eisenhower and Washington in 2021.  The principals at each building approved the use of the building and coordinating teaching staff. Teachers become the tutors at Homework Club.  They were willing to stay a little longer a couple days a week to assist these students in need.  Currently the eleven teachers are paid through the Foundation.  “Working with the district and Kids Klub to offer this opportunity for students and teachers has been rewarding.” says Burchell. There is an occasional student that might not be in Kids Klub that might need some assistance.  Parents should work with their child’s teacher and administrator to get on the right path for assistance.  The District has some amazing teachers that are willing to tutor and track the progress of these students.

 The donor supports this by using the required minimum disbursement (RDM) from their IRA.  You aren’t able to keep funds in your retirement plans and IRA’s indefinitely.  Generally you start taking withdrawals at age 70 ½ or 72 depending when your birthday falls. However, when you donate your disbursement to a charity such as NPPSF you avoid being taxed on the amount donated.  Consult with your accountant, financial advisor or tax attorney to find out if this is a way for you to support your philanthropic goals.

Anyone interested in supporting the Homework Club or any of the NPPSF programs contact Terri Burchell, Executive Director 308.696.3325 or tburchell@nppsf.org You can also visit the website for online donations nppsf.org.

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