April 8th, 2022 (Today is a B Day) 

  • Lunch today is Penne and Meatsauce with Garlic Knot, Hamburger, Chicken Bacon Ranch Melt, Cheese Pizza, Italian Sausage Pizza, Deli American Flatbread, or Popcorn Chicken Salad with a Roll.

  • Breakfast Monday will be Mini Waffles, pears, juice, and milk.

  • Fascinating Fact: Potatoes where the first food planted in space

  • Dodgeball Today is Whitney vs. Newtson on the west court and Hagert vs Rinke on the east  court, remember teachers no spectators today or Monday, you are all welcome to watch the championship game on Tuesday April 12th. 

  • The next Student Council meeting will be Wednesday April 27th at 7:30 in the library.

  • Trivia winners Gabby Gartner, Connor Moore Downs, Brett Pfeifer, Avery Luenenborg, Colby Trevino, and Alex Sexson Congratulations come to the counselor’s office for a treat.