Below is some information about the Middle School Track meet in Lexington tomorrow.

Date:  Tuesday, April 13th 
Time:  4:00 - Field Event Start;  4:30 Running events start
Where:  Ray Ehler's Stadium  Lexington High School

Masks -  Must be worn at all times by team members, managers, and coaches,  other than "competition warm ups" and the actual competition.  During the "check in" process,  masks should be worn.  Once athletes peel off their sweats to prepare for their race or throw/jump/vault, then they can peel off their mask and keep with their sweats, but should continue to maintain social distance. Masks are to be put back on in a reasonable amount of time following a competition or competition attempt.  Masks are to be worn during 'cool down' procedures by athletes. Anytime coaches/athletes/ etc. are in "common areas" (bathrooms, concessions, watching as spectator) masks should be worn.

 Spectators:  Masks are mandatory to gain entry into the event.... once spectators can establish social distancing guidelines, masks can be removed.... if they are within a crowd or group, they should be wearing masks.