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North Platte Public Schools

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School Board Members Deserve Our Praise and Support

May 2017 Article in NP Telegraph

We have a tremendous amount of appreciation and respect for school board members. Let’s face it, our school boards, and school board members across this state help make Nebraska a great place to live.  They have accepted the . . .

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Student Life at North Platte High School

March 2017 Article in the NP Telegraph

Recently, I decided to look at our high school from an entirely different view. I wanted to experience the typical school day of a high school student. I spent two entire days shadowing North Platte High School students. My purpose was . . .

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North Platte School District - Where Something Big Is Happening

January 2017 Article in the NP Telegraph

December is a good time to reflect on the past year and begin thinking about the new year.  The North Platte School District has been very busy this year planning and developing processes and systems to prepare our students to become . . .

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What Does It Mean to be College and Career Ready?

February 2017 Article in the NP Telegraph

High school students across the country are told they must be prepared for postsecondary education or a skilled profession in the workplace. The phrase used is "college and career readiness." What does this expression mean to . . .

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What Do Grades Mean?

December 2016 Article in the NP Telegraph

Letters grades have been used in both colleges and schools across the United States since the last part of the 19 th century and percentage grades were added in the early 20 th century.  Grades were used to evaluate students, group or . . .

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What Is Best for This Student?

November 2016 Article in the NP Telegraph

The question that must be asked every day in education, what’s best for the student? The first step to becoming a great school district is focusing on what matters most.  This starts with our students.   No matter your . . .

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NDE Releases Nebraska State Assessment Results

October 2016 Article in the NP Telegraph

It’s that time of year; Nebraska Department of Education releases Nebraska State Assessment (NeSA) results.  One may ask, what is so important about this information? It is an opportunity for the NE Commissioner of Education and . . .

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Making 2016-17 Great

September 2016 Article in the NP Telegraph

This is a great time of year.  It is a new beginning and the start of something special.  We have added some great new teachers and administrators to go along with the wonderful ones we already have.  We have an excellent Board . . .

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