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NPPSD Working Towards Greatness

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What Makes a Great School District?
A great school district is made up of a group of great schools working collaboratively and systemically towards a common purpose.  The North Platte Public Schools are working collectively to become a great school district. Each school in the district is focusing on what matters most which is the students, teachers, principals, and systems that support learning. The District has been very busy planning and developing processes and systems to prepare our students to become productive, responsible citizens. 

So what makes a school great?
A great school has students who like what they do each day and are motivated to achieve their goals. All the NP schools have students who have different abilities, needs, and ambitions. To successfully teach all students, the NP staff understands every student is different. The teaching and interactions with students reflect an understanding of each individual student needs. Teachers understand students have different abilities and adjust their instruction to best help students be the successful. Key concepts are taught in ways to enable visual, auditory, and hands-on learners to understand and apply new knowledge. Students are actively involved in learning with a variety of opportunities to grasp key concepts and skills. Although there are high expectations to perform, it comes in a way that supports learning, with an expectation that students will succeed. It is our responsibility to provide the support to make this happen. The NP schools have an involved staff who work together to push themselves and their students to be the best they can be. The NP schools embraces the conviction that all students can succeed.

A great school makes available a supportive workplace that enables all staff and students to succeed in their roles.  The NP teachers work to improve their ability to teach by collectively learning and using instructional strategies to better themselves and their skill of teaching. Effective teaching demands that the teacher be knowledgeable in the subject area.  NP teachers have an in depth understanding of what is being taught and how to teach it effectively.  NP teachers collectively take responsibility for student learning, actively collaborate, set clear learning targets, establish common expectations for learning, provide students with timely feedback, act on the information from assessments to differentiate learning through intervention and acceleration, and use varied instructional strategies to meet the needs of all students.

A great school has a safe, caring, supportive learning environment where students feel welcome and know that the staff cares about them.  Each NP school strives to create a learning environment where students respect others and failure to do so is not tolerated. Students understand school and class rules and expectations, and adhere to them. When discipline is necessary, it is not vindictive, but just a consequence when a student does not do what is expected.

The NP staff go is committed to ensure every student is known, connected, and cared for. Students are supported through their transition years of kindergarten, sixth, seventh, and ninth grade years.

A great school has a building principal that earns the respect of students, parents, and staff with a clear purpose, high expectations, and the knack to help others succeed. The NP principals understand the people they work with, and are motivated to create a positive attitude throughout the school. The NP principals create a sense of trust built on being an honest and caring leader.

A great school understands that many factors go into helping a child become a productive, responsible adult, and there is no way one assessment a year can measure success or failure. The fact that so many people believe that one test on a couple of mornings each spring can determine school quality, teacher quality, and student learning shows an alarming lack of understanding in what makes a good school. The NP school leaders understand what it takes for students to succeed and be prepared for the next phase of life and to help create schools to educate and prepare the students of today and tomorrow. 

The North Platte Public School District is working collectively to become a great school district.  It is a district that collaborates to create and improve an effective integrated district-wide system to ensure adults have the capacity to support students and learning in collaboration with family, businesses, and community members.

Dr. Ron Hanson 
North Platte Schools